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Major Electrical Remedial Works - 08/03/16


At the request of the client a Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report was carried out at this property. The test itself was fairly in depth and Included testing to off peak and peak supplies to both the house and annex areas.

The installation was dated and was probably installed around 30-40 years ago, the report highlighted several issues consistent with an installation of that age. The recommendations made varied from significant codes ones and two's to more commonly found codes threes.

A large area of concern was finding a large number of single insulated conductors, unprotected and easily accessible these presented a real risk of electric shock (please see image 16). Another issue was the absence of suitable RCD protection. As you can see the in the pictures the existing consumer units were found to be the old rewireable fuse type, these required updating to the new 17th edition type complete with RCD protection.

After discussing the different options with the client, the client requested the installation of new RCBO type consumer units rather than the dual RCD type commonly seen, an RCBO arrangement reduces disruption should a fault occur as the loss of power is restricted to the individual circuit.

Each consumer unit was correctly labelled and upon completion appropriate certification was issued and building control notified.