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Two-thirds of buyers fail to check electrics when purchasing a property.

Two-thirds of buyers fail to check electrics when purchasing a property.

Monday 21st March 2016

Two-thirds of the homes purchased in the last two years have not been checked for electrical safety, a charity has warned.Electrical Safety First says homebuyers mistakenly believe a survey will check the electrics, leaving them at risk of high bills, electric shock or fire.

Buyers are instead being urged to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

There are several obvious items to check when purchasing a property such as the quality of the boiler, roof, damp and the structure - many of which will be picked up by surveys.
But if you want to check the electrics then you would need a separate inspection by an electrician. A survey of more than 2,000 homeowners who purchased their property in the past two years found of the 2.4million property sales in the past two years, only 37 per cent have used a an EICR.

1. Neighbourhood 91%
2. Structural work needed 91%
3. Boiler age 90%
4. Risk of subsidence 90%
5. Damp 90%
6. The safety of the electrics 87%
7. Amount of work needed on the property 86%
8. Neighbours 86%
9. Service charge 83%
10. Proximity to good transport links 76%

The poll also found that electrical safety comes sixth in the top 10 considerations when purchasing a property, with the neighbourhood, structural work, boiler, subsidence and damp at the top.

Phil Buckle, director general of Electrical Safety First, said: 'It's easy to bypass checking the electrics when purchasing a property if you think it is included in the recommended home survey report - our research suggests this is the case for around 20 per cent of people.
'However, not conducting an EICR significantly increases the risk of additional expense, and electric shock or fire, to the buyer and their family. We're encouraging people to use a registered electrician to do a quick and relatively inexpensive check to ensure they know exactly what they're getting into with the property purchase.'

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